Planning & Development

Many people will at some time want to know what the development potential of a particular piece of land is. Often this occurs when they are considering whether to buy a property or when reviewing an existing landholding. I can meet this need by providing an objective assessment based on my knowledge of the planning system and my wide-ranging experience of achieving development.

I can prepare a planning report which will investigate and clearly explain the development possibilities of a particular piece of land. As part of the preparation for the report I will consult a variety of historical sources looking at the previous uses of the land and its past planning history. I will visit the site to assess any existing physical constraints or opportunities both on the site and in the surrounding area. I will also consult with relevant statutory bodies and review any relevant existing files that are publicly accessible. From this evidence, I will produce a reasoned assessment of the possibilities, and make recommendations on those which offer the best balance between likely success and financial return.