I can help you with all aspects of agricultural valuation and related advice.

Valuations and negotiations for the sale or purchase of agricultural land or buildings

Decades of experience in dealing with agricultural land and buildings mean that I can advise you if you wish to sell. I can also advise you if you wish to purchase, whether for continued agricultural purposes or to change it to other uses. I can value the land or buildings and act for you to negotiate the sale or purchase.

Rent reviews

If you are an agricultural landlord or tenant I can act for you during a rent review.

Diversification schemes

Historically farming has had good times and bad times, although it presently seems that the good times may be gone forever! Regardless of the current circumstances, it is always prudent to review your business operations regularly and this is equally true if your business is farming. An essential part of the review of farming operations is to consider diversification into other activities.

I can advise you on possible areas of diversification and can act for you to obtain any necessary consents or permissions.

Stock taking and compensation valuations

If you need a fast and professional valuation to complete your stocktaking or to pursue a compensation claim, contact me. I can undertake valuations and if necessary act on your behalf in respect of those valuations.